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9 laboratoří, 24 odběrových míst, 2,4 mil. laboratorních vzorků

Our facilities


The EUC Group includes the Frýdlant Hospital. Our EUC Clinic in Kladno and the EUC Clinic in Zlín also has an inpatient department and an operating theater. EUC inpatient care focuses mainly on scheduled and elective surgical procedures. Our hospitals specialize on treatment of hernias, thyroid gland, digestive system, vascular surgery, breast cancer, proctology, gynecology, and orthopedics. In recent years, we have invested significantly in our technical equipment to enable us to concentrate on ensuring timely diagnosis and managing the quality of healthcare. Our teams of experienced physicians provide patients with individual medical care  as well as ensuring a comfortable and confidential approach in which patients can feel at ease. Our focus is on providing state of the art procedures in a professional, modern and caring environment where our patients are always our priority.


EUC Clinics focus on primary care and outpatient services. Comprising 17 centers throughout the Czech Republic, we ensure a quality and comprehensive approach to the care provided. We aim to ensure EUC Clinics provide patients with a broad spectrum of care under one roof. At most EUC Clinics, the basic care of a primary care physician and pediatrician is provided together with the services of a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology department, and a number of outpatient specialists to enable efficient and convenient treatments for patients.


EUC Pharmacies are located at EUC healthcare facilities, allowing physicians and pharmacists to work in close cooperation. As a result, we can adjust the spectrum of medications to the demand for healthcare, while providing appropriate services accordingly. In turn, this secures an accurate and time-efficient response to our patients’ needs.


EUC Laboratories offer comprehensive laboratory services in the fields of biochemistry, hematology, immunology, allergology, microbiology, and molecular biology. Our accredited facilities ensure efficient and precise tests as well as quick delivery of results (also available online) and prompt collection of samples. The EUC Group has a total of sixteen laboratories in operation and 31 collection sites.

Premium care

In addition to standard healthcare covered by health insurance companies, EUC group also offers Premium services which provide clients with a more bespoke approach. You can expect to receive care from primary care physicians, pediatricians, and a number of outpatient specialists. One of the automatic components of these services  include short waiting times, scheduled appointments, longer office hours including evening and weekends, organization of follow-up care and sensitive and cultivated approach. Canadian Medical (CM) and EUC Premium specialize in Premium care and medical services for both large employers and private individuals.